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Which Of Your Ten Fingers Is The Engagement Ring Finger?

The use of engagement rings had been brought down to this modern society through traditions and religious practices. This differs from country to country. The engagement ring is presented and placed in the bride-to-be’s engagement ring finger when the prospective groom proposes marriage. The engagement ring is a precursor to marriage and after the wedding this is worn side by side the wedding band – in the same finger. Will both rings be in the engagement ring finger?

Which finger is the engagement ring finger?

Today, the engagement ring finger is identified to be the fourth finger on a girl’s right hand. History revealed that the choice did not just come as a particular person’s choice. There are a number of reasons for choosing a finger as the engagement ring finger.
The choice of the fourth finger on the left hand is a prevalent custom in the Western World. In Germany and Spain, the engagement ring is also the fourth finger but only in the right hand. And don’t err in finding the fourth finger. You are counting from the thumb going to the pinky finger. To make it clear, this is the finger that is located between the middle and the pinky finger – either left or right hand as the difference between the Western and the Spain-Greece choice.

Different beliefs in the choice of engagement ring finger

This fourth finger on the left hand is considered to be the engagement ring finger because it has the veins that directly end in the heart. These veins are believed by the Romans to be the veins of love and are called “vena amoris”. The translation for vena is vein and amoris is love. To the Egyptians, the ring is a symbol of everlasting commitment, the reason why the shape is a circle. There is no end! To the Jews, both hands are used. During the nuptial rites, the ring is worn on the right hand. Then when the marriage is done, the ring is transferred to the left hand. To the Greek Orthodox Christians, their religious practice is to have the ring in the right hand – just in keeping with traditional religious practice.
Here are some other beliefs in other different countries. Engagement rings are crafted from silver. In some countries, the engagement ring is worn in the index finger.

Another concern regarding the engagement ring is in the sizing. You would not want to bestow your sweetheart with an engagement ring that will not fit in her engagement ring finger. Most jewelers have ring size tools, others have charts. You can even measure the circumference of the engagement ring finger through the use of a string or a soft thin wire. This is not so much a concern because any ring can be resized – big or small they can be altered to fit the size of the wearer’s finger.There are differences in opinions as to which of the fingers is the right engagement ring finger. Many had pinpointed the fourth finger or the finger between the pinky and the middle finger. The difference – is it on the left or in the right hand? What is customary in your country?

Heirloom Ring for the Engagement Ring Finger

When you are ready to take your girlfriend to the altar for a very important vow, there is one step to be done prior to this big event. This is the marriage proposal where you will present her with a symbol of love that has to be placed in her engagement ring finger. From that time on, you may start planning for the marriage.

There are families where the engagement ring runs in the family. This will entail giving your fiancée a ring that is heirloom and there are different types of heirlooms that can be used as the engagement ring for you beloved’s engagement ring finger. You can have the remanufactured and the antique kind.

Putting a re-manufactured heirloom on her engagement ring finger

The ring on her engagement ring finger is re-manufactured heirloom ring. This is using a certain ring that had been in your family and came down generation after generation. The heirloom ring does not have to be the traditional kind of ring – a chosen stone mounted on a metal setting. It could be a mere band, an antique ring or any other ring description – as long as it was passed down. As it is the guy who is giving the ring, this heirloom piece comes from the man’s family.

When there are siblings in the family who are using the same heirloom piece, the particular ring can be copied and reproduced so that all siblings will have heirloom designed engagement rings. If the sentimental value of the ring is the concern, the siblings can split the components of the ring and each one has a piece of the heirloom jewelry. For instance, you can have the stone and your brother will have the setting. You will have the original setting copied and the original stone will be mounted on the reproduced setting. Then your sibling will have the setting and a new stone will be placed on the original heirloom setting.

Putting the antique ring on her engagement ring finger

You might feel that your fiancée has a penchant for antique rings and this becomes your desired engagement ring. The antique ring in a way is another heirloom piece. The ring may not be the engagement ring of a mother transferred to the daughter. The ring can be a piece that had been passed on many generations back – from the great grandmother to the great granddaughter. Another kind of antique ring is one ring that had been handed down from a deceased family member. This also has great sentimental value and great significance. This brings personal connection.
engagement ring finger

Other kinds of ring for the engagement ring finger

What kind of ring would you place in her engagement ring finger? The more common way to get this ring is to buy from one good jewelry shop. This is – if there is no available heirloom or antique ring that is kept in the family.

There are families that make use of heirloom engagement rings. This kind generally indicates that children want to mimic the significance of the parents’ or grandparents’ engagement party or marriage. You imagine yourself on your knees placing in the engagement ring finger of our fiancée the same ring placed by your father in your mother’s engagement ring finger. This is very nostalgic for your parents!

The Setting and the Stones for a Piece of Jewel Worn In the Engagement Ring Finger
In your search for the very important engagement ring, you need expert advice to know the different kinds and styles of the ring. You want to lavish the engagement ring finger of your fiancée with the best jewelry she can show. The most common of these rings is the engagement ring with a diamond solitaire. However there are kinds that have multiple stones. Or – you can even have an engagement ring with other gemstones like sapphire, ruby or emerald.
An engagement ring has two basic components. These are the gemstone and the setting. Both should have great features and with high quality. Should you learn how to distinguish a good stone and a great setting?

Great setting of the ring in her engagement ring finger

The final appearance of the ring in the engagement ring finger of your fiancée will be influenced by the setting. This is the over-all design. There is a wide array of styles to choose from. Some are simple, some are intricate in craftsmanship. The material from which the setting was made can also vary. The usual choice of material is the yellow gold however there are people who have preference for the white gold. Other materials are platinum, chrome and silver. The most expensive of these materials is the gold – yellow or white. Or – if you insist on gold, and you have lower budget, you can have gold setting with lower karat – perhaps from 24, 18 or 14 karats to 10.

It is customary that the setting is gold and your fiancée may also expect this. You will find that most styles are the solitaire which is a single stone, usually diamond. If you will strictly go with the traditional, you can have the solitaire engagement ring with the prong setting. These prongs are claws that will hold the stone in place. The most common number of prongs is four. When the stone is big, more prongs will be needed – 6 or even 8.

Good stone of the ring in her engagement ring finger

If there is one stone that you should pick for the ring to be worn in the engagement ring finger of your fiancée, the stone is diamond. There is a given standard guide to determine the quality of this stone. The 4Cs according to diamond experts are the bases to qualify the stone as high quality. The first C is clarity. The stone should have no impurities or carbon. It should be very clear. The second C is cut. This will show the brilliance and sparkle of the stone. Today, this is enhanced by the technology used in cutting diamonds. As a result, machine-cut diamonds are more brilliant than the diamonds cut manually. The third C is color. The diamonds can vary in color with the white as the most common and best preferred. There are yellowish, brownish and grayish diamonds. The last is the carat. This is the measurement of the stone and it tells of the weight, mass or size of a stone.

Although the diamond is the most common stone for an engagement ring, other stones can be used. These other stones are ruby, emerald, topaz, opal, garnet, sapphire and more.

Where to buy the ring for her engagement ring finger?

After making your decision to purchase the engagement ring, it would be time for you to find the jeweler who can supply you with the ring to be placed in the engagement ring finger of your fiancée. You have two sources – online shops or the traditional brick and mortar onsite jewelry store. You can check online shops to pick your desired setting and stone. The online shops may have onsite shops which you can visit to take a personal look on the piece of jewelry.

Having proposed to your fiancée, it is time to seal the love that you have for each other. You can now place the ring in her engagement ring finger. Which setting and stone did your pick?

Different Gemstones for the Engagement Ring Finger

Look at her ten fingers – can you identify the one that is called engagement ring finger? From the name, you will easily deduce that this is the finger where she wears an engagement ring. That is true but which finger should wear the engagement ring? The customary engagement ring finger is the fourth finger from the thumb. This is in between the pinky and the middle finger. And it is also conventionally that finger on the right hand.

The importance of this finger comes from its association with marriage proposal. When a man proposes marriage to his fiancée, he offers her an engagement ring. This is the signal that the man intends to marry his sweetheart. And this ring is worn on the finger known to be the engagement ring finger. Usually, the ring has gemstones. The most common gemstone used for this kind of ring is the diamond. However, there are other gemstones that are also used. Next to diamonds, the choices are ruby and emerald. You can further expand your choice and include topaz, sapphire or opal. So let us check the features of the top three gemstones that can be on her engagement ring finger – diamonds, ruby and emerald.

Diamond for engagement ring finger jewelry

Any woman will be awed to look at her engagement ring finger with the diamond stone twinkling on it. She just said “yes, I will marry you” Aside from the proposal of marriage, the gemstone or diamond is valuable jewelry.
Diamond is the best of the different gemstones to be used in an engagement ring. The quality of diamond is measured through its qualities – the 4 C which represent carat, cut, clarity and color. Technology had made diamonds sparkle more because of the way it is cut. The clear white color is the best but you will also find diamonds in light yellow or gray. Carbon found in the diamond destroys the stones clarity. The weight or the size of the diamond is called carat. For engagement rings, the most common kind is the solitaire. This is a single stone but you can also choose an engagement ring that has multiple stones.

Emerald for engagement ring finger jewelry

Emeralds are radiant green gems. They come close to the beauty of diamonds. You have a good quality diamond if the shade of the stone is bright green. One thing that can affect the appearance of the gem is the presence of inclusion in it. The other qualities of the emerald, aside from its color are its shape and carat. The diamonds are very hard gems and there is high risk when the jeweler tries to obtain inner gaps. This exposes the stone to possible breaking. Like the diamond, carat refers to the size of the emerald less the gaps.

Ruby for engagement ring finger jewelry

Ruby is red-colored. Its name originated from the Latin word “ruber”. According to ancient myths, ruby can cure and protect. Its color has always been associated to blood.
When choosing the ruby for the engagement ring finger of your fiancée, you check on the color and cut. The beauty of the stone can be enhanced through heat treatment. This process can add color to the gem. In choosing your ruby stone, you have to check the stone’s value or quality. One of the best kinds is the Burmese rubies.

When you present an engagement ring to your fiancée, she will be delighted with the proposal. This seals your love for her. And her engagement ring finger will look great with a ring having any of the three top gemstones – diamond, emerald and ruby. But don’t forget that topaz, opal or sapphire will also look good in her engagement ring finger.

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